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Operation Rescue Roz

RR Scavenger Hunt

Rescue Roz: Scavenger Hunt

Why Fundraise?

By participating in our Rescue Roz fundraiser, kids can learn what it feels like to give back to their community and make an impact. We’ve set a Scavenger Hunt fundraising goal of $7,500. Let’s show Rescue Roz what our kids can do! Check out our list of kid-friendly fundraising ideas below.

Put the FUN in Fundraising:

Kid-friendly fundraising ideas to support MAU

  1. Lemonade stand: Sell cups of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day.

  2. Bake sale: Sell homemade (or store-bought!) baked goods.

  3. Joke stand: Earn money AND laughs.

  4. Art sale: Sell drawings, homemade jewelry, or other artwork to family and friends. (Tip: maybe mom or dad can help sell through their social media accounts!)

  5. Dig into savings: Donate money from your allowance or piggy bank.

  6. Yard sale: Sell old toys, books, or clothes.

  7. Chores: Do extra jobs around the house for your parents.

  8. Car wash: Wash a car for your family, or others in your neighborhood!

  9. Fun Run: Find a few people to sponsor you for a charity run around a park or local block. Get some friends to join in to make it even more fun!

  10. Sell personalized chalk art: Create artwork to brighten up someone’s sidewalk or walkway.

Thank you to our Sponsors

American Royal Hardware 

Barbara Eclectic

B N C Eyecare 

Cafe Moso

CoCo An Experience

Cornerstone Montclair 

Get Dressed Montclair

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Little Daisy Bake Shop

Local Coffee

Montclair Bakery

Montclair Florist

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St James Church

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Watchung Booksellers

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We Need Your Support Today!

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