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EMS Academy


“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve...You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Montclair Ambulance Unit EMS Academy will develop a cohort of six certified EMTs to join MAU by fall 2024 by providing free professional emergency medical technician training and job skills for recent high school graduates who do not plan to go away to college immediately after graduation.

The scholarship grant would fund EMT training, books, uniforms, background checks, certification testing and staffing for a cohort of six students.

EMS is a challenging and demanding career that delivers countless benefits. It is different every day and there is a real opportunity to help people who need it. 

Montclair Ambulance Unit is looking for six people to join our team as paid, professional, certified career Emergency Medical Technicians. The selected graduates will go through EMT training together and work as a team to prepare all six to pass the rigorous National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam. After completing the training and passing the exam, they'll have the opportunity to join our team as  paid, certified EMTs. The cost of EMT school, uniforms, onboarding and uniforms will be covered by MAU. 


If you are planning to leave the area after graduation, or go away to college in the fall, this probably isn't the right program for you. We are looking for people who want to go through EMT training and work as a paid EMT. If you are planning to attend college locally, you should apply. We can discuss your plans and assess if we can make it work. 


Note that all participants must complete the training and pass the exam. If that isn't possible, you will agree to reimburse MAU for the cost of the program, up to $3,500. We will support you throughout, help you prepare for exams and let you practice skills with our EMTs. In exchange, we must be assured that you're going to take the training seriously. We will discuss this in more detail if you're selected, but wanted to let everyone know up front that this is a real commitment. 


If you have questions about the program or the Montclair Ambulance Unit, please email

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