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Scavenger Hunt Rescue Roz

Hi!  I'm Rescue Roz.

I’m the youngest ambulance in the crew. I spend my days taking care of the people of Montclair, NJ. When someone gets hurt, I sound my siren and save the day! It can be really hard work, but I love being brave and helping others.



Rescue Roz


Rescue Roz Scavenger Hunt MAU 3.png

Where’s Rescue Roz?

Montclair Ambulance Unit is hosting a month-long, town-wide scavenger hunt to find Rescue Roz! Kids can use our Clue Card to help them find the images of Rescue Roz hidden in business windows around Montclair. Find all the Rescue Roz images to crack Roz’s secret code!

How it Works:

Step One: Gather a team! It can be your family, your neighborhood crew, or your soccer team — band together to find Rescue Roz!

Step Two: Register your team. You’ll receive your printable Clue Card via email. It’s free to participate, but we ask that you join our fundraiser if able.

Step Three (Optional): Help us reach our Scavenger Hunt fundraising goal so Rescue Roz can keep saving the day! Make a donation now, or set a fundraising goal with your team.

Why Fundraise?

By participating in our Rescue Roz fundraiser, kids can learn what it feels like to give back to their community and make an impact. Check out our list of kid-friendly fundraising ideas below.

Put the FUN in Fundraising:

Kid-friendly fundraising ideas to support MAU

  1. Lemonade stand: Sell cups of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day.

  2. Bake sale: Sell homemade (or store-bought!) baked goods.

  3. Joke stand: Earn money AND laughs.

  4. Art sale: Sell drawings, homemade jewelry, or other artwork to family and friends. (Tip: maybe mom or dad can help sell through their social media accounts!)

  5. Dig into savings: Donate money from your allowance or piggy bank.

  6. Yard sale: Sell old toys, books, or clothes.

  7. Chores: Do extra jobs around the house for your parents.

  8. Car wash: Wash a car for your family, or others in your neighborhood!

  9. Fun Run: Find a few people to sponsor you for a charity run around a park or local block. Get some friends to join in to make it even more fun!

  10. Sell personalized chalk art: Create artwork to brighten up someone’s sidewalk or walkway.

Register here for the Rescue Roz Scavenger Hunt. Your Clue Card and further details will be emailed to you by March 31. Happy scavenger hunting!

The Clue Card will be emailed to you after registration. If you don't get it within 15 minutes, check your spam folder!

Did You Know?

Montclair Ambulance Unit is a non-profit organization, not funded by town tax dollars like other public safety department. Rescue Roz and our other town ambulances are powered largely by donations. So let’s fundraise together to power our ambulances!

Register for Rescue Roz

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